Date: 2018-10-13Venue: Johnson and Johnson house Senapati Bapat Road, Mahim west, Mumbai 400016
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The Federation for Head and Neck Oncology announces the third hands on microvascular course exclusively
for its members. This two-day program will allow interested participants to gain insights in microvascular
techniques. It is intended for surgeons who wish to start or assist microvascular free flap reconstruction at their
Proficiency in free flap reconstruction is necessary to offer state of the art treatment for head neck cancers. To
achieve good cosmetic results and better quality of life, it is imperative to have a trained microvascular surgeon
as a part of the operative team. This short course aims at introducing basic microvascular techniques to the head
and neck surgeon. It will be beneficial for individuals who want to start free flap reconstruction or want to assist
their microvascular surgeon
Eligibility Criteria:
M.S. ENT, M.S. General surgery, MCh Head Neck Surgery, MCh Surgical oncology, MCh Plastic surgery,
(OR equivalent of these degrees) and maxillofacial surgeons committed to the management of Head and Neck
cancers. Those affiliated with teaching hospitals and with academic background will be preferred.
The course will be held on a quarterly basis with eight candidates per batch